گروه بین المللی کارخانجات آجر نسوز نما آذرخش
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Success in obtaining certification 4 2012/05/21

Azarakhsh Company management and engineering efforts of technicians, won both the MIC and the premier UK ISO 9001 certification

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SMS to system installed lightning Company Phone Number 30002721 2012/01/21

Drrastay Public Information Systems International Group SMS brick factories Lightning Qom

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Azarakhsh Virtual Exhibition 2012/01/10

Those who are able to visit the Eleventh International Construction Exhibition Tehran 1390 (Iran Confair 2011) have not been able to click on the link below to visit the virtual exhibition. Virtual Booth 1 - virtual booth 2 - 3 virtual booth

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Eleventh International Industry Exhibition Tehran building 2011/07/23

Azarakhsh international refractory brick manufacturer group Dear visitor, you are invited to the company's booth at the Eleventh International ConstructionExhibition in Tehran visit.

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